World of Balaria by LuzFaltex

We're a homebrew Minecraft RP community with original lore, custom plugins, and a growing playerbase. Come check us out!


Community Rules
  1. Be Respectful
    Show respect to all members of the community. Discriminiation, OOC racism, harassment, and bullying are not allowed in any form and are a bannable offense. These are not tolerated as World of Balaria is intended to be a safe and fun community for everyone.
  2. Adult Content and Age

    Due to adult themes and possibly NSFW content, the minimum age to partake in this community is 18. That said, because the forums may be visible to minors, content on the forums must remain at most PG-13.

    Lying about your age in order to gain access will result in a permanent ban, which may only be appealed once you turn 18.

  3. Remember Chat Etiquette
    Do not use text speak such as "u," "k," "y," etc. Additionally, do not write in all caps and do not spam. This makes it difficult for other people to follow and engage in conversations.
  4. Ban Evasion
    Creating or using alternate accounts to avoid a previous ban is a bannable offense and may preclude you from being unbanned in the future.
  5. Staff Impersonation
    Attempting to impersonate World of Balaria or LuzFaltex staff, Discord employees, Mojang employees, or real life law enforcement officers is a bannable offense.
  6. Plagiarism and Art Theft
    Plagiarism and Art Theft are against LuzFaltex's Code of Conduct. Do not claim another's work as your own, copy directly from other sources, or use assets which are not your own without permission.
Server Rules
  1. Redstone
    Redstone contraptions should not be overly complicated or large. All large or complex redstone circuits should be shown to staff before being fully constructed.
  2. Create Mod
    All contraptions made with the Create mod in the RP world must fit the lore and setting. The resource world does not have lore and setting restrictions. All Create contraptions must be kept small to avoid server lag.
  3. Farms
    Farms must not be over-populated. Too many animals creates unnecessary lag.
  4. Cheat Devices
    Mob-grinders, cobblestone generators, and automatic farms are not allowed. You may not make or use any contraption that prevents mobs from attacking you, such as using a 'window' to kill the mobs.
  5. Clan Recruitment
    Recruiting in the OOC in-game chat for your clan, guild, village, town, city, etc. is not allowed. We have forums for recruitment, or you may ask in character.
  6. Client-Side Modifications
    While players are encouraged to install quality of life mods to their Minecraft client, mods intended to give an unfair benefit to the player are not allowed. Examples include flymod, x-ray mods and resource packs, and any modification that negatively affects the experience of any player.
  7. Command Abuse
    Do not abuse /fly or other privileged commands. These commands are intended to be used for their granted purposes. Usage outside of the guidelines for the command may result in permission being revoked.
  8. Theft

    Theft is prohibited except in the following circumstances.

    1. RP theft with the explicit OOC permission of the region owner and the owner of the chest/shelves/house.
    2. A region owner clearing the house of an inactive player with staff permission.
    3. The explicit consent of a member of the lore or moderation teams.
  9. Griefing

    Griefing, which includes the following, is prohibited:

    • altering another's build;
    • marring the landscape using fire, lava, water, TNT, etc.;
    • killing player pets or livestock; and
    • otherwise making non-consensual modifications to any block or item

    Griefing is allowed in the Frontier, however resource worlds should not be disruptive or distracting.

  10. Build Style
    Our server is thematically a medieval high fantasy setting Pixel art, modern buildings, and futuristic technology is not permitted on our server. Aesthetics should be fitting, so no dirt or cobble builds. All builds must be realistically supported and not floating. Dirt/cobble/gravel towers used to help build must be removed once construction is complete. For bonus realism points, use scaffolding!
  11. Consent
    Consent is always required for the serious injury or death of a character. Players may only refuse to Consent if they believe that the roleplay basis is illegitimate. Illegitimate roleplay includes, but is not limited to, lacking Reasonable Cause or rule breaking such as metagaming, powergaming, or OOC motivation. Engaging in a roleplay which carries a reasonable expectation of serious injury or death, such as entering a Violent Region or partaking in a Violent Event, shall be considered Implied Consent.
  12. PVP and RP Combat
    PVP has been disabled within the world. All combat RP must follow the Consent Rules. For more information, see The Comprehensive CRP Guide.
Roleplay Rules
  1. Explicit Roleplay

    Sexually explicit roleplay or erotic roleplay (erp) is to be taken to a private space, such as Discord DMs. Implied sexual situations (fade to black), hugging, and kissing will be permitted as long as the publicly visible act remains, at most, PG-13.

    Other explicit roleplay including language and violence is permitted so long as the publicly visible act remains, at most, at an R rating.

    Drug use, including tobacco, marijuana, herbal remedies, and medical drugs given, consumed, or otherwise used in roleplay ARE allowed. Drugs and poisons used to give a player an advantage or to harm other players must be cleared by a roleplay moderator or a member of the lore team before use.

  2. Speech And Etiquette
    • The use of adult language is permitted. For out of character use, refer to the community rules.
    • Do not use language or speech which violates server rules when in rp rooms or channels.
    • If an RP is taking place, any time there is any expectation of privacy, ask OOCly to enter the roleplay. When in doubt, ask.
  3. Out of Character Conversation
    OOC in RP rooms is ok, but it should be kept to a minimum and marked via the use of some symbol such as [brackets] or ((parentheses)). Please use the OOC rooms for lengthy discussion such as planning or involved clarifications.
  4. Non-Player Characters

    During roleplay, players cannot insert invisible NPCs that benefit their character such as guards, skill trainers, or other types that could give an unfair advantage.

    • Atmospheric NPCs such as tavern keepers, shop attendants, and couriers delivering messages are permitted so long as they don't give a character a benefit or edge over another character.
    • You are not allowed to play as or use an NPC to represent an absent player character.
    • Non-atmospheric NPCs such as guards must be represented by a single player per NPC, effectively becoming a temporary player character.
    • A single player may not represent more than one character at a time with the exception of atmospheric NPCs. If there is not a player present to represent an NPC, the NPC is not allowed in rp.
  5. Alternate Character Rules

    After your first character has been approved, you may bring in additional characters without an additional application. Do note that some races may require an application, but simply bringing in an additional character may be done at your discretion. Please do your best to ensure that you are not over-taxing yourself with multiple characters. If you bring in additional characters, you must follow these rules:

    • With the exception of infant/toddler characters, your characters must not know each other.
      • If your original character is famous or infamous, they may have been heard of, but they cannot be known personally.
    • You are not allowed to roleplay with yourself. This means your characters may not meet or be placed in situations where they could meet.
    • You may not share in-character items. In-character inventories must be kept separate between each character. Personal pocket storage is provided to assist with this.
      • OOC items may be shared without restriction.